About the Community

Welcome to our Adult Stuttering Group – a place for expressive and supportive conversations about stuttering! We believe that everyone should have access to the helpful tools and guidance needed to reduce the frequency and severity of their stutters. And that's why we have assembled this unique stuttering support group led by Lori Melnitsky – a person who stutters and has experienced the same struggles as you, plus has over 30 years of specialized experience as a speech-language pathologist. As part of our Adult Stuttering Group, you'll find yourself in an encouraging and understanding community. 


Membership Includes: 


-Exclusive access to a private chat group to voice questions. 


-Two monthly virtual meetings where Lori will lend her expertise in speech-language pathology paired with her experiences as a person who stutters. 


-These meetings will offer informative conversations on topics related to stuttering along with effective tools for decreasing its frequency and severity. 


-All meetings will be recorded for later viewing if needed. 

We invite those ready to take control of their lives through increased fluency and open themselves up to discussion – join us today in our adult stuttering group!

Adult Stuttering Group

  • $20.00 / month

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With a monthly subscription of just $20, you'll gain access to a private chat group to ask questions and find support from others who stutter.