School-Aged Stuttering Bootcamp for SLPs

The course is available to access six months (185 days) after the initial purchase.

This is not your basic stuttering workshop...this is from someone who struggled as a child with stuttering and confidence but overcame to help hundreds of people who stutter.

One hour each week for four weeks and this will include a basic workbook as well

  • Module 1: Understand stuttering basics.
  • Module 2: Types of stuttering
  • Module 3: Stuttering modification basics week and fluency shaping basics 
  • Module 4: Fluency Strategies of People Who Stutter

Policies and Refund Status

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Course curriculum

    1. School Age goals and possible IEP goals

    1. Stuttering Basics

    1. Types of Stuttering

    1. Strategies for People Who Stutter

    2. Stuttering Modifications vs Fluency Shaping

    3. Activities for SLPs

    1. Course Assessment

    2. Carry Over Ideas

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 8 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Stuttering Basics

What is Stuttering? Stuttering (also know as stammering or disfluencies) consist of disruptions in the normal flow of speech. It includes repeating words or parts of words, complete sound blockage, sound prolongations, and physical tension or struggle.

Workbook Includes:

• Basic Facts on Stuttering • About School-Age Stuttering • Tips for Teachers • Biggest Mistakes Made During Therapy • How to Help Middle School Children Who Feel Different

Gain Confidence

This course is offered for .3 ASHA CEUs of important information on demand that cannot be missed. Keep reading or enroll now.

Who am I?

I am Lori Melnitsky. I am a licensed speech language pathologist, stuttering expert, and have directed my own private practice for over 20 years, All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy (

My Story

I stuttered severely until age 30. I could not say my name or raise my hand in class to ask questions. Over the years I have treated hundreds of children and adults who stutter.I developed the stuttering school aged boot camp course and podcast. I was told I could not become a speech pathologist by other SLPs so my mission is to educate SLPs on stuttering and fluency therapy.

Although the gift of fluency was not initially bestowed upon me, I have learned effective strategies to incorporate tools, strategies and changes in mindset to overcome the challenges of stuttering and become more fluent.

Leading National Stuttering Association (NSA) support group meetings for many years helped to get into the minds of PWS. I have taught as an adjunct professor for graduate classes on stuttering. I was a consultant for the Children's show "Arthur" on an episode on stuttering called "Maria Speaks". I am a published author in the Journal of Fluency Disorders. I was interviewed by, Verizon and Newsday as an expert on stuttering. Other presentations include school districts, LISHA, WSHLA, and universities. Recently I was thrilled to start the Facebook Group and Podcast called Stuttering DeMystified.

What Students Have To Say

Not just theory. Usable treatment Information.

Dolores DiStasio Laskin, SLP

I have taken several courses from Lori. Unlike many other courses her courses provide not only theory but usable treatment information that can be immediately implemented with clients. Her personal experiences make me think about each and everything I do for my clients and families. I am always excited for her next offering.

I feel like I can support children who stutter. Must watch.

Linda L, Spec Ed Administrator

I honestly learned very little about stuttering in school. After watching this course I feel like I can support children who stutter and their families. It’s a must watch.

Having a teacher who is an SLP who stutters was an added bonus.

MIchelle Yackow, SLP

I highly recommend the school aged stuttering bootcamp. As a SLP working in public schools I found this information so useful. Having a teacher who is an SLP who stutters and stuttering specialist was an added bonus. So glad I took this course.

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